Bachelor Degree

Overview – BIT


Bachelor of Science
Program in Business Information Technology (International Program)

Program Name

Bachelor of Science in Business Information Technology (International Program)

Academic Degree 

Full name Bachelor of Science (Business Information Technology)
Initial B.Sc. (Business Information Technology)


The Business Information Technology degree gives you foundation knowledge and skills relevant to IT as well as the skills you need for the practical application of IT to areas typically found in industry.

These include digital business, e-commerce, social media, information systems, and business data analytic.

The Business Information Technology degree incorporates much of the BSc Program in Information Technology course, but also includes business-oriented modules.

Total credits,  Program Specifications and Type of Program

Total credits

Program Specifications

Type of Program

126  Credits

Four‐Year bachelor degree program

  • Bachelor’s degree program
  • Advanced bachelor’s degree program


Study in English

Admission Plan

Expects to accept 30 students each year

Career Opportunities

  1. Business information system analyze and design
  2. Information system developer
  3. Business analyze
  4. Entrepreneur
  5. IT Project manager
  6. Professions in information system management
  7. Professions in applied IT
  8. IT project integrator
  9. IT researcher